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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Charter

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Letter From Tom Rutledge

Tom Rutledge

At Charter Communications, we believe that serving our more than 32 million customers and supporting our more than 93,000 employees means going beyond delivering best-in-class Internet, TV, mobile, and voice services. It means being hyperlocal, from expanding our network to connect more homes and businesses, to the news we bring our viewers each day, to hiring a diverse and inclusive workforce and providing career opportunities, and being active members of the communities we serve. Last year, we introduced Charter’s first Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) report and responded to the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire for the first time. I am pleased to introduce Charter’s 2021 report.

Our ESG efforts continue to be structured in a comprehensive three-pillar framework to reflect how our business drives sustained value in a virtuous cycle. By investing in a highly skilled workforce, we are able to deliver a superior network that connects communities. The services we deliver are important in the lives of our customers and the communities we serve, which is why we established the following goals to help create long-term value through sustainable connectivity:

1.  Drive efficiency by achieving carbon neutrality in our operations by 2035.

2.  Continue to build a highly skilled workforce reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve by increasing the starting minimum wage of all hourly employees to $20 per hour in 2022.

3.  Provide better, safer connectivity and control for our communities by making our Advanced Home WiFi platform available to 100% of Internet serviceable homes passed in 2022, which allows customers to optimize their home networks with detailed visibility and control over connected devices.

4. Expand our network to provide high-speed broadband access to one million unserved and underserved rural customer locations by investing over $5 billion over the next six years through our rural construction initiative.

5. Invest $30 million to improve 100 rural and urban community centers that provide job skills training over the next five years, benefiting 50,000 people in the communities we serve.

See our ESG report for the full CEO letter.

Charter’s ESG Framework

As a leading broadband connectivity company and cable operator, we create long-term value for our stakeholders through the efficient delivery of our services. We recognize that by investing in a highly skilled workforce, we are able to deliver superior products and services over an advanced network to bring sustainable connectivity to our customers and their communities. A Highly Skilled Workforce, a Superior Network, and Connected Communities constitute our ESG framework underpinned by strong governance. These pillars define our ESG priorities and reflect important aspects of our overall business strategy.

ESG Chart

Highly Skilled Workforce

Our operating strategy includes insourcing nearly all of our customer care and a substantial portion of our field operation workforces. The investments we make to acquire, retain, and develop our workforce directly impact the quality of our service delivery and our ability to connect and retain customers. We endeavor to create a highly skilled workforce through three primary levers:

  • Training & investing in our employees to be masters of their craft
  • Enabling a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Focusing on a safe & healthy workplace
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Superior Network

We have heavily invested in our infrastructure and technology to build a superior, resilient network that will better serve our customers across our 41-state footprint. Our innovative fixed and mobile technologies are positioned to deliver an excellent connectivity experience for our customers.

  • Continuously upgrading the resilience and reliability of our network
  • Investing in the efficiency of the network to provide affordable services


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Skilled worker

Connected Communities

The capabilities of our network combined with the generosity and hard work of our workforce are key levers in Charter’s ability to help uplift our communities – whether through our programs to bridge the digital divide, repairing homes and community centers in the communities where we live and work, reporting on local news, expanding access to our products and services, or advancing customer protection online. Specifically, we are focused on:

  • Investing in the communities we serve
  • Protecting customer data, privacy, and security
  • Expanding access to our products and services


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2021 ESG Report

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